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I believe that our universe is too fascinating not to question & seek to understand. I love asking questions… No joke, I’m a compulsive questioner. That’s because I enjoy connecting the dots & finding meaning in everything around me. In fact, I’m obsessed with learning, it is my favorite human trait & skill… our ability to develop, adapt & grow with the digestion of new information & experiences enthralls me. I also see it as the greatest gift bestowed upon us.


Human interaction is my second obsession: our ability to share knowledge, language, dreams, experiences, emotions & impact each other in profound ways. I find it powerful & humbling.    I treasure all relationships, those I was gifted & the tribes I choose, build & develop. I use the word family quite loosely. This is perhaps why I have spent the last two decades devoted to learning & teaching, in the role of educator, consultant, lecturer, advocate, daughter, sister, wife, friend & my absolute favorite: mother. In each of these roles, I have experienced the incredible power of human interaction, shared learning, bidirectional teaching, & the immense impact it can have on how we view ourselves, each other, the world & our potential in it.


I believe in working towards tipping the scales of the world towards balance whenever possible. I believe in the selfless fight for equity, even if the price is vulnerability and discomfort. I believe that those in a position to be heard, need to use their voice & those in a position to act, should do so. I have dedicated my life to advocating for those that need a voice or help expressing it, for those that are forgotten or not seen, for those often misunderstood or underestimated, or for those that have the ability to get over a mountain but may need an alternative path. They deserve to be seen & heard. The world benefits from seeing & listening. I have also learned, that even if indirectly, the ripple effect of our work, our actions, & our voices can become a powerful force in the world & within each of us.


That’s me in a nutshell:

compulsive questioner.devoted learner.collaborative educator.passionate lover

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